Shipping problems to Italy

As you may have learned from the media, italy now has closed down almost all shops and companies by enactment of its prime minister. We therefore ask you kindly to check if shipping to italy is urgently nececcary. If this is not the case, we would advise you to limit the parcel shipping to italy. As we don't know when the situation will relax, we may have to return the parcels.


This category features our economical range of professional office and swivel chairs. These models are designed for the average 6-8 hour workday in the commercial workplace. However, private users are also advised to consider our professional class. This category emphasises ergonomics, high-quality, long-life materials and a variety of settings. Office chairs of the professional class generally features a synchronous chair mechanism, whereby the seat and backrest move in tandem to assure ideal ergonomics. Thus, the user is optimally supported in every position. Most office chairs in this category are fitted with height-adjustable armrests and chrome-plated steel bases. Aside from their excellent ergonomic specifications, these chairs also appeal through a creative and modern design and the use of high-tech materials.
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