Shipping problems to Italy

As you may have learned from the media, italy now has closed down almost all shops and companies by enactment of its prime minister. We therefore ask you kindly to check if shipping to italy is urgently nececcary. If this is not the case, we would advise you to limit the parcel shipping to italy. As we don't know when the situation will relax, we may have to return the parcels.


Office and swivel chairs for private use. Average daily use should not exceed 4 hours. These chairs are ideal in the home office or for casual/part-time employees in the commercial workplace. Office chairs are generally fitted with a straightforward operating mechanism. The backrest is either fixed or adjustable through a permanent-contact mechanism. In the case of a contact mechanism, the pressure of the backrest is adjustable to the user's weight through a pre-loaded spring.The premium models in this category are equipped with a lever-locking mechanism; this allows the user to comfortably secure the inclination of the seat and backrest. Fixed arm rests are also a standard feature of the Home Office category. The seat cover usually comprises abrasion-resistant, flat-woven synthetic fabric or mesh. The base of economical chairs is made of durable nylon synthetics, whilst premium models are fitted with a chome-plated steel base.
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