5x ROLO ESD 11mm/50mm - Castors
  • 5er Pack
  • Electrically conductive chair wheels for discharging static electricity
  • High-quality special castors for conductive floor coverings made of rubber, vinyl, linoleum or PVC
  • Made In Germany
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Special conductive wheels for your professional office

These special rollers are ideal for use in manufacturing, office or medical applications. The resulting electrical charges that occur can be grounded through the conductive materials in conjunction with suitable grounding measures. In addition, the specially coated treads protect your floors from scratches and bleaching that can cause conventional rollers. The replacement of the chair rolls is done quickly. The old castors can be easily removed with a little effort. Then just insert the new castors - done!

  • Electrically conductive chair wheels for discharging static electricity
  • High-quality double castors for hard, conductive floor coverings
  • Polyurethane surface coating
  • Pressure-activated Saftey Castors: the Chair rolls when seated. When standing, the castors brake to prevent unintentional movement. pressure-activated, the castors reopen , and the Chair is again movable.
  • Made In Germany

Assembly instructions

This item is supplied unassembled.
For assembly by the customer in just a few simple steps.
Of course, for gas springs, chair castors, footrests, etc., no construction is required.

Manufacturer hjh OFFICE
Weight 1.0 kg
Guarantee 24 month
Material Metal, Plastic
Range of application Conductive floor coverings
Castor diameter 50 mm
Castor pin diameter 11 mm pin diameter
Dimensions (H x W x D) 6.0 x 5.2 x 5.0 cm